This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2023-24.

The minor is designed to enhance students' ability to think and write critically as they explore the connections between the theory and practice of rhetoric. Students in the minor demonstrate proficiency at crafting a suitable message as they deepen their understanding of rhetoric as an art and as a disciplinary subject of study. A minor in Writing and Rhetoric provides valuable intellectual resources and practical skills for students across the curriculum who are considering careers that call for excellence in speaking and writing. The minor is also ideally suited for students with interest in public life and civic responsibility in the evolving context of a global culture.

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Minor Requirements

With a variety of course options available, students are encouraged to tailor their minor to fit their individual interests, career goals, and majors. Students should seek advice from a member of the department when planning their course selections. The minor requires a minimum of five courses selected from the list below. No more than one course may be at the 100 level, and at least one course must be at the 300 or 400 level. Normally, no more than one course from another institution may count toward the minor.

Where appropriate, one semester of independent study in writing at the junior or senior level ( or ) may substitute for another 300- or 400-level course.

GPA Requirement

A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required in all courses counted for the minor.