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Major Requirements

The Russian and Eurasian studies major consists of ten courses.

If a student double majors, only one shared course can count for Russian and Eurasian studies.

The ten courses must include:

Required Courses

Russian Language

A minimum of four semesters of Russian language:


Students are encouraged to pursue upper-level language study and to strive for interdisciplinary breadth, as well as to place Russia in a broader comparative context.

Additional Courses

Four additional courses, at least two of which must be at the 300 level or above:

Imperial Russia

One course dealing primarily with pre-modern and Imperial Russia. These courses are designated as "PR" courses.

Soviet era

One course with a primarily Soviet era focus. These courses are designated as "SO" courses.

Post-Soviet era

One course using a post-Soviet era as a lens. These courses are designated as "PO" courses


One additional course selected from one of the categories above or from the following list of electives, descriptions for which are found under the appropriate department or program's listings.

Russian and Eurasian Studies Program

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