This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2023-24.

Minor Requirements

The minor in MIST consists of five courses: a MIST-related Core Communities and Identities course ( or ) and four electives. Of these four, two courses must be chosen from among two of the three groups (Groups A, B, and C). The remaining two courses may be chosen from these groups and from the list of affiliated electives. No more than two courses from any one group may count toward the minor. Arabic and Hebrew language courses are considered affiliated electives; students may count one language course toward the minor. Two courses from transfer credit may be applied to the minor.

Group A: Arts and Humanities

Group B: Historical Perspectives

Group C: Social Sciences

Affiliated Electives

  • One ARAB or HEBR course, at most, may count as an affiliated elective.

  • Additional term-specific course offerings may be accepted, with MIST program director's approval.

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program

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