Neuroscience Program

Neuroscience is an exciting and dynamic field that seeks to understand how the nervous system works to enable behavior. Colgate faculty and students investigate neural function of animals and humans at multiple levels of analysis ranging from molecular and cellular to systems level approaches.


The Neuroscience Program at Colgate University is one of the first two such programs established at undergraduate institutions in the United States. Beginning with the first neuroscience courses offered in 1972, Neuroscience at Colgate has evolved and expanded to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Faculty teaching in the program are drawn from the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and the Department of Biology, and majors take additional courses in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, and physics. 

A foundational strength of our program is the opportunity for undergraduates to conduct advanced research in partnership with our faculty. Numerous opportunities exist for students to join on-going research projects during the academic semesters and/or receive stipends to conduct full-time research during the summer. A distinctive feature of the curriculum is the requirement that all senior neuroscience majors conduct original research with a faculty member, leading to a thesis and a departmental presentation. In the course of their research, many Colgate students become co-authors on conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications.

A major in neuroscience prepares students for a wide array of careers. Graduates from our program seek advanced degrees in neuroscience or pursue careers in human and veterinary medicine, biomedical research, pharmacology, clinical psychology, science writing or teaching, genetic counseling, public health administration, and many other fields.

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Director: Wan-chun Liu
Administrative assistant: Laura Billings

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Professor Jason Meyers works with an undergraduate on research with a laser scanning microscope.
Professor Jason Meyers works with an undergraduate on research with a laser scanning microscope.
A student holds up a finger while kneeling near the water, where a dolphin responds.
Compelling research opportunities: Students in NEUR 385 participated in ongoing cognitive and behavioral research with marine mammals. Photo by Dolphin Research Center, Grassy Key, Florida –
Professor Wan-Chun Liu speaks with a small group of students at a table.
Access to faculty expertise: With small class sizes and no teaching assistants, Colgate undergraduates have direct access to faculty expertise.