Neuroscience Transfer/Abroad Course Approval Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines prior to contacting the Neuroscience Program director regarding your request for course approval. When submitting a request, please specify whether you are seeking approval for neuroscience major credit or general Colgate course credit. 

  1. No more than one transfer course or Colgate study group course can count toward your major in neuroscience.
  2. Your request for course approval must be accompanied by a complete syllabus for the relevant course. Course titles and descriptions are not sufficient because they don’t provide information on the actual topics covered, readings, and methods of evaluation. Do not submit requests without an attached syllabus. For 300-level courses, we expect that the majority of the readings will come from empirical journal articles.
  3. It is possible to get credit toward the neuroscience major by taking courses such as Biology 182, Chemistry 101-102, or Chemistry 263 at your study-abroad university. For these courses and others taught in departments outside the Neuroscience Program, you must seek approval from the relevant departmental chairperson. If the home department approves a course, then it will be acceptable for neuroscience major credit.
  4. If possible, secure approval for courses prior to your study abroad departure. However, if you cannot select courses until you arrive at the host university, send requests and syllabi via email to the neuroscience program director. Keep in mind that it is not always possible to take suitable neuroscience courses while abroad, so it is up to you to make sure that you are on track to complete the major if study abroad courses are not approved.