Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Explore and analyze developments in the period’s arts and letters, technology, trade, science, and religion in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas, India, and elsewhere.


Antonio del Pollaiuolo - Profile Portrait of a Young Lady
Antonio del Pollaiuolo - Profile Portrait of a Young Lady

A thorough, interdisciplinary examination of the medieval, renaissance, and early modern periods enables students to discover local and regional connections across the cultures in the discipline.

Through a deep engagement with the department’s courses and programming, students develop an appreciation for and understanding of how the distant past shapes and informs who we are today.

Students will study with faculty from a wide array of disciplines, such as English, art, history, romance languages, religion, music, classics, Middle Eastern studies, political science, and astronomy and physics.

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Department Contacts

Director: Alan Cooper
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Von Matt
Office: 219A Lawrence
Phone: 315-228-7289

Students traveling in Istanbul tour Rumelian Castle, sometimes referred to as Rumeli Fortress.

We strongly encourage Medieval and Renaissance Studies students to expand their global perspective by studying off campus and abroad. Explore immersive study in medieval and renaissance culture through off-campus study programs such as the Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies program at Oxford’s Keble College, administered through Middlebury College.

The resources available to students in Oxford are nearly unparalleled — it is possible to access nearly any academic work at a moment's notice through the Bodleian libraries.

Matthew Kato Class of 2019