Senior Presentation

During the last semester of senior year, all linguistics minors give a presentation demonstrating how their study of linguistics has informed their understanding of the world, as well as influenced their other academic pursuits. The presentation can be based on a paper or papers they will have written in their linguistics-related courses.

The department encourages students to consider pursuing expanding their senior presentation into an honors capstone experience.

Honors Capstone Experience

Students pursuing the linguistics minor are strongly encouraged to undertake a capstone experience for an honors designation. Any of the following may qualify as a capstone experience:

  • An independent study
  • A thesis presented at the annual end-of-year event
  • A combination of both an independent study and a thesis/presentation.

Students interested in pursuing honors through the completion of a capstone experience should consult the director of the Linguistics Program, or contact a faculty member in the program who may supervise the capstone experience.