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Professor Schwarzer
Associate Professor Facchini, Luthra (Director), Maitra, Simonson, Worley
Assistant Professors Alexander, Cassemere-Stanfield, Cui

Program Faculty Alexander, Cui, Facchini, Haughwout, Lodhie, Lopes, Luthra (Director), Maitra, Schwarzer, Simonson, Spadola, Worley

The film and media studies program engages students in a critical study of film and other media. Through the study of history and theory, formal analysis, and production experiences, the program examines how film and media serve as powerful determinants of ideology, identity, and historical consciousness. Courses offered in a range of departments and programs constitute the major and minor, reflecting the fact that cinema and media-based research cuts across disciplines.

It has been said that the mass media collectively represent the most important and widely shared context for the receipt of information and ideas in our contemporary experience. Courses in Film and Media Studies question the consequences of our passive consumption of mass media as both entertainment and information. Students learn the history and theory of film and media, analytical approaches and strategies; they also come to understand the various ways in which film and media are produced, circulated, and consumed locally, nationally, and globally.

The film and media studies curriculum encompasses history, theory, and practice, with the goal of developing in students the critical skills necessary to analyze representation and experience as they are constructed by new and emerging visual technologies, and to put theoretical and historical knowledge into practice through media production courses and exercises.


The Film and Media Studies Award — awarded for outstanding achievement in film and media studies.

Honors and High Honors

The award of honors in film and media studies is dependent on faculty evaluation of work done on an independent research project in  and the student's GPA.

  • Independent Research Project: Every major undertakes a senior project (in ) in their senior year. Upon completion, the project may be nominated for honors. If nominated, the project is prepared by the senior for a public presentation. Following that presentation, faculty decide whether the project is worthy of honors. Honors will be conferred only on work of outstanding quality, while high honors will be awarded only to exceptional work of highest distinction.
  • GPA Requirements: Film and media studies majors who have a GPA of 3.30 or better in the major and 3.00 overall will be considered for Honors. Film and media studies majors who have a GPA of 3.70 or better in the major and 3.00 overall will be considered for High Honors.


The courses listed below are offered by the FMST program. As an interdisciplinary program, select courses from other departments/programs may also count toward the FMST major and minor requirements. Use the major/minor links below to find other courses that count toward these requirements. 

Majors and Minors