This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2023-24.

The secondary education certification program is offered at the undergraduate and MAT levels. In both the MAT and undergraduate programs, certification is available in English, history, mathematics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and physics. The program combines a major in one of these chosen academic fields with courses in educational theory and practice. Students who complete the program will have a strong background in teacher education and a New York State approved major from a department on campus.

Students should begin the certification program as early as possible. Students should formally apply to the program by November 1 of their sophomore year, and it is strongly recommended that they apply during their first year at Colgate. Students must reserve the fall term of their senior year for student teaching, teaching seminars, and an advanced course on the diagnosis and remediation of reading problems. Students are required to formally apply to the graduate level program by February 1 of their senior year.

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Certificate Requirements

Education as a Social Institution

Social and Cultural Diversity in Schooling, Teaching, and Learning

One course from   

The Nature of Childhood Education and Development

All of the courses from   

Professional Student Teaching Semester

All of the following:

And One of the Following Depending on Topic Area of Certification:

Other Requirements

  • Fieldwork — 100 hours prior to student teaching
  • Child abuse workshop (two hours of training in the identification of suspected child abuse/maltreatment)
  • Violence intervention and prevention workshop
  • Fingerprinting