New Appointment: Associate Dean of the Faculty for Recruitment and Development

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Dear Members of the Colgate Community,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of a respected colleague who will be taking on a key position of administrative leadership for the faculty beginning July 1, 2021.

Krista Ingram, Professor of Biology, will serve a three-year term as Associate Dean of the Faculty for Faculty Recruitment and Development, replacing Lesleigh Cushing on July 1, 2021. I extend a warm thanks to Ernie Nolen who has agreed to resume the role of the Division Director for Natural Sciences and Mathematics for the academic year 2021–2022 in support of the division and Krista’s transition to the dean’s office. Krista joined the faculty in 2005. Her teaching interests include molecular ecology, animal behavior, and the evolution of social behavior. Her research projects include modeling the effects of circadian genes on human mood disorders, the influence of circadian rhythms and genes by environment interactions on test performance and risk-taking in humans, the paradox of peak performance in elite scholar-athletes, and social organization in ants. She is currently serving as director of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and has served as department chair of the Department of Biology and co-chair of the Science Colloquium Program, as well as on the Assessment Committee, the Udall Scholarship Committee, and the Animal Care and Use Committee. Krista has also served as PI and co-PI on a number of grants through the National Science Foundation, the National University of Singapore and the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute. Krista teaches courses in experimental animal behavior, evolutionary biology, and the Core 400 High Distinction Seminar. She has played a key role in the development of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Initiative and has been instrumental on the Task Force on the Reopening of the Colgate Campus. She was recognized by The Academic Minute, a nationally syndicated radio production (NPR), as best psychology segment for her work on differences in decision-making of ‘early bird’ and ‘night owl’ individuals in 2019. Most recently, Krista’s careful guidance and important programming in the NASC division related to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, gender, and accessibility have been exemplary and her demonstrated commitment to these principles will translate well in her new role as Associate Dean of the Faculty. It is also essential to note that Krista’s determined leadership and recent coordination of a working group of committed faculty across the disciplines has led to the development of a new academic minor in Global Public and Environmental Health which will be launched in fall 2021. I wholeheartedly welcome Krista to the dean’s office.

Finally, words cannot capture the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving that I extend to Lesleigh Cushing, Murray W. and Mildred Finard Professor in Jewish Studies and Professor of Religion. In her four years of service, Lesleigh has displayed care, dedication, and commendable leadership in her role as Associate Dean of the Faculty for Faculty Recruitment and Development. She is an exemplary citizen whose service at Colgate has been extraordinary including as a member of the Campus Master Planning Committee, as University Professor for Core 151: Legacies of the Ancient World, co-chair of the Strategic Planning working group on Living the Liberal Arts, Director of Jewish Studies, member of Working Group 3 (Student Learning Experience) in the Middle States self-study process, and member of the presidential search committee. While associate dean of the faculty, Lesleigh has contributed greatly to the successful reorganization of Colgate’s University Museums, the creation of a new arts coordinator position, the oversight and successful expansion of the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships and, in partnership with the Associate Provost for Equity and Diversity, has worked to transform our faculty recruitment, retention, and hiring practices. Of inestimable proportion has been Lesleigh’s tremendous leadership in advancing the Third Century Initiative in Arts, Creativity, and Innovation and her extraordinary coordinating efforts in the physical planning of a new Middle Campus at Colgate. Lesleigh also maintained her commitment to scholarship during her term as associate dean and co-authored a book with Peter S. Hawkins entitled, The Bible in the American Short Story by Bloomsbury Press. I offer my sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation to Lesleigh as she concludes her term on June 30, 2021.

With warmest regards,

Tracey E. Hucks ’87, MA’90
Provost and Dean of the Faculty