Student Technology Prep Checklist for Flexible Instruction

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Preparing for Flexible Instruction

With the potential need for flexible instruction please review the areas below to ensure you’re ready. If you have questions or need equipment visit, contact the IT Service Desk at 315-228-7111, or


  • Laptop/Power Cord - Check that your laptop is up to date with security and software updates and that you have your power cord. 
  • Internet - Check your internet connection - see our Get Connected guide for more information.
  • Zoom - Check that you have the Zoom app downloaded, and ensure your Zoom app has received the latest updates. For the latest version click here. All students are eligible for the full Zoom pro experience, so please visit and sign in.
  • Audio - Check that you’ve got headphones to minimize distractions and that your mic is working (or consider an external option). 
  • Webcam - Check that you have a working webcam, and consider if an external webcam may be needed. 
  • Lights - You’ll look your best by avoiding a light source that is behind your camera, so consider a controlled and balanced light source that fits your needs and environment. Check out this article for more tips.



Printing In Isolation

  • Printing - If you find yourself in isolation, we have printers located at 76 Broad St. and at 175 Utica St. If you are isolating in your room please contact the ITS Service Desk at with your materials and location. We will facilitate printing and delivery with campus safety during this period. Please submit your request for printing from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Monday through Friday.


Additional Support

If you need additional technical support, please feel free to reach out to us at 315-228-7111 or email us at

P. S. About our Streaming Service

If you are stuck inside, you can give the SpectrumU streaming service a try.  Watch SpectrumU at to stream nearly 150 live channels and on-demand content from several popular networks, including local networks, live news, and live sporting events. For more information, check out our SpectrumU page.