SpectrumU cable streaming television service is provided for all students.  It includes nearly 150 live channels and on-demand content from several popular networks.

What is SpectrumU?

SpectrumU provides all the channels and convenience of cable, minus the cable. The campus community can stream Spectrum cable on mobile devices, laptops, Apple TVs, and some SmartTVs.

While on the campus network, watch the full lineup anywhere you receive a WiFi connection with convenient new options:

  • Stream thousands of shows and movies On-Demand.
  • Start select shows and movies from the beginning, even if they’ve already begun.

What's on SpectrumU?

While on campus, stream over 150 channels, including cable networks like ESPN, AMC, TWC, FX, and Bravo; college sports; news; and local networks. When off-campus, a limited but significant array of channels remain available for streaming.

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Smart TVs

  • Samsung Smart TV

Look for the Spectrum app in the app store.

Digital Media Players & Set Top Boxes

  • Roku

You can download the SpectrumU app on your Roku.  Set up the app using your Colgate SSO credentials - follow the instructions on your Roku after launching the SpectrumU app.

  • Apple TV

You can download and use the Spectrum app in the Apple TV store.

  • Xbox One

Look for the Spectrum app in the app store.

Casting and Sharing from a device to your TV

  • AirPlay
    You can use AirPlay on compatible devices and TVs to cast or screen mirror SpectrumU to your TV.  Your TV must be AirPlay capable.
  • MiraCast
    On modern Windows 10 laptops and compatible TVs you can cast to your TV.  Many newer Samsung, SONY and LG TVs have this capability. 
  • ChromeCast
    Cast to your TV with Google Chromecast when logging in with Google Chrome.


For more information, visit the Spectrum support center.


  1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the SpectrumU app.
    Important: There is also a Spectrum app for paid TV subscribers; that is not the app you want.
  2. Enter colgate.edu as your school domain.
  3. Sign in with your Colgate network credentials.


  1. Launch SpectrumU.
  2. Enter colgate.edu as your school domain.
  3. Sign in with your Colgate network credentials if prompted.

Questions and Answers

Coaxial cable is being phased out over time to allow students to transition to SpectrumU.