The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is made up of Colgate staff and faculty from all divisions as well as local community partners, such as Community Memorial Hospital. 

The EOC is organized into several sections, including operations, planning, logistics, and finance and administration. Colgate's EOC has played a critical role in keeping the campus community safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When there is not an active crisis or emergency, the EOC meets regularly to receive crisis training and to plan for various emergencies. In the event of a crisis or emergency, the members of the EOC are alerted via Colgate Alert to report to the EOC command center. 

Please note: not all EOC members are required for every activation; it depends on the type and scope of the crisis.

Operations Section

  • Gary Bridge, Director of Fire Safety
  • Dan DeVries, Senior Director of Communications and Media Relations 
  • Rebecca Downing, Senior Director, Communications and Parent Initiatives
  • Brittany Fuller, Clery Coordinator and Safety Compliance Manager 
  • Cindy Geertgens, Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Joseph Hernon, Associate Vice President for Emergency Management, Campus Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety 
  • Jasmine Kellogg, Internal Communications Manager
  • Dr. Ellen Larson, Director of Student Health Services
  • Jenna Nash, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
  • Gert Neubauer, Associate Director of Campus Safety
  • Kristin Putman, Social Media Strategist
  • Terri Stewart, Director of Campus Safety
  • Mark Walden, Communications Director
  • Mary Williams, Director of Environmental Health & Safety 

Planning Section

  • Kelli Ariel, Web Manager
  • Joanne Borfitz, Associate Vice President for Community Affairs and Auxiliary Services
  • Lori Chlad, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Steve Chouinard, Associate Athletic Director for Health and Performance, Instructor in Physical Education
  • Colleen Corgel, Director of Retail Dining, Chartwells
  • Kristin Cothran, Associate Dean for First and Second-Year Experience and Community Development
  • Ellen Holm, Assistant Dean of the College for Administration
  • Joanna Holvey Bowles, Director of Off Campus Study
  • Kerra Hunter, Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Services
  • Doug Johnson, Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Dawn LaFrance, Director of Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Stacey Millard, Director of Residential Life
  • Pat Raynard, Director of Operations, Chartwells
  • Amy Ryan, Director of Benefits and Employee Wellness
  • Don Stanwick, Resident District Manager, Chartwells
  • Trish St. Leger, Vice Provost
  • Kim Taylor, Dean for Administrative Advising and Student Conduct
  • Cody Tipton, Director of Conference Services, Summer Programs, and Auxiliary Support: 

Logistics Section

  • Tim Borfitz, Director of Data Analytics
  • Michelle Butzgy, Custodial Supervisor
  • Niranjan Davray, Chief Information Officer
  • Steve Hughes, Associate Vice President for Facilities
  • Matt Hill, Trades Supervisor 
  • Mark Hine, Director of Classrooms, Media, and Events, ITS 
  • Ahmad Khazaee, Director of Engagement, ITS
  • Dan McCoach, Architectural Trades Manager
  • Jason Wallace, Director of Facilities
  • Ashley Weaver, Work Control Coordinator

Finance and Administration Section

  • John Collins, Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning
  • Andrew Fagon, Assistant Vice President for Risk and Strategic Analysis
  • Molly Ogden, Director of Purchasing

EOC Coordinators

  • Gary Bridge, Director of Fire Safety
  • Brittany Fuller, Clery Coordinator and Safety Compliance Manager
  • Joseph Hernon, Associate Vice President for Emergency Management, Campus Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Jenna Nash, Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Mary Williams, Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Executive Group Liaison

  • Kim Taylor, Dean for Administrative Advising