Mary Yoshino, test site manager

She’s always patient and positive as she single-handedly manages Colgate’s COVID test site!

Patricia (Patty) Aldaco, custodian

She is always bright and happy despite the increasing workload. Everytime we see her, she brightens up our day, and make it special :) Thank you so much, Patty!

Cheeranjeev Purmessur, residential fellow

Cheeranjeev's optimism and hard work has been incredibly valuable this semester. In his work as a Residential Fellow, Cheeranjeev has demonstrated leadership and has helped build a strong community in Ciccone Commons through inventive and thoughtful programming. His commitment to keeping up the spirit of Ciccone Commons, as well as his patience and composure in navigating challenging situations has shown his love for his community. 

Kristin Monteith, admission communications manager

She has worked tirelessly to help us welcome the newest members of the Colgate community. She is one of the key players in making Colgate look good! 

Michelle Puetz, arts coordinator

Simply put, Michelle brings great intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, to the work that she does. She takes messy loose concepts, which may be understood differently by the various stakeholders involved, and manages to turn them into effective, real-world outcomes. She is also willing to engage with new ideas, new systems, and new processes not only fearlessly and selflessly, but enthusiastically. She's fantastic!

Lindsay Hadlock and Jennifer Jones, administrative assistants, dean of the college division

Two outstanding staff members who make the administrative deans office run like a well oiled machine.  They will always go the extra mile to help a student or staff member out.  They've assisted with sending care packages to our remote students and making sure they feel like they are connected to Colgate. 

Amber Decker, director of fraternity and sorority advising, and Jacob Dunwiddie, area director for residential life

They have been the behind the scenes folks who have worked hard to provide students a fun night with all of our virtual speaker series.  They've planned the meet and greets, worked with representatives from their managements and prepared our student moderators.