International Humans of Colgate: Meet Alex Tran!

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Full Name: Alex Tran (Trần Ngô Quang Anh)

Class Year: 2022

Major? Psychological Sciences / Educational Studies

Where are you from? Vietnam

Where are you right now? West 101, opposite of President Casey’s room

Story Time: Boba tea event hosted by OISS. Even though I fully acknowledge how boba is bad for my health and feed into my boba addiction, OISS went all the way to host this event and make my day. We made our own boba and tea, and I got to talk to a lot of international friends after a stressful week of exams.

What were you most excited for when coming (back) to Colgate for Fall 2020 (remote or in-person)? I am excited to see my international friends again and give them virtual hugs!

Favorite place on campus? Since COVID-19, Keck center!

Hopes, dreams, goals for the future? I dream to get a stable job, have a happy family, and just live...

The best piece of advice you ever received? Do what you love and love what you do!

Social Media Handles? (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Instagram: quanganhtranngo