Full Name: Xiyuan Zhu

Nickname? Rebecca

Intended Major? Mathematics Undecided

Where are you right now? China, Shanghai

Why did you choose Colgate? I was really hesitant when choosing which college should I go- a music college/a normal college. On my list, I placed both Colgate and Eastman on the top. After I talked with my mom, I made a bet about which college should I go with her. I told her if I didn't get into Eastman, I will definitely go to Colgate for real. I got rejected from Eastman, so here I am :)

How are you spending time in quarantine? I love to stay at home! I decorated my study room, did a lot of cooking, and talked to my host mom & amigas a lot!

What excites you most about coming to Colgate in the fall? Here are the things I am thrilled to see: What's real is, there are a lot of legitimately good professors in Colgate (heard from upperclassmen). Definitely excited about having class with them. PS: What's also real, just out of a girl school & wanted to try American party with boys at least a little bit. :)

Hopes, dreams, goals for the future? Ummm, That's a tough one haha. I just shifted from music & math --> math. I would say, I want to do a quantitative model, but maybe something better will come up next year. I am discovering & willing to try other stuff!

The best piece of advise you've ever received? You need to wait to see the results & don't procrastinate :D

Social Media Handles? (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) IG: rebecca.zhu123 Snapchat: funnyorebecca WeChat ID: Rebecca830ZXY

Anything else you want to add? Ummm, I would say that 2020 will be my first year, so I really hope all the incoming international freshmen will eventually meet on campus online. Actually, not only international freshmen, that's for everyone in Colgate!!

Give a huge Colgate welcome to Rebecca. We really hope to have you all here in the Fall and to give you a real taste of the wonderful Colgate community here in Hamilton.