Additional water testing is being conducted by the Village of Hamilton and Colgate University to determine the source of elevated lead levels found in water samples taken within University-owned buildings along the Broad Street corridor. Yesterday’s communication from the University inadvertently gave the erroneous impression that the Village’s water source and supply lines had been tested by the University, and that EHS staff was in possession of test results from the Village supply lines indicating elevated lead levels. To be clear, testing of the Village’s water supply and supply lines is still in process, and the work of identifying the source or sources of the issues in the various properties is still ongoing by both the University and the Village.

In addition to continuing testing by the University, Village officials are planning early-morning flush tests of hydrants in various areas of the Village on Monday, October 21 at approximately 4:00 a.m. Those results, in addition to other testing conducted earlier this week, are expected back later next week.

The health and safety of students, other Colgate community members, Village residents, and visitors continues to be Colgate’s and the Village’s number one priority. Each impacted student residence has been fitted with kitchen faucet filters certified for lead removal, and those buildings are also being supplied with water coolers. In addition, Colgate is providing water faucet filters and water coolers to the Chenango Nursery School and all University-owned residence along the Broad Street corridor.

For full test results, information on lead in drinking water from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and answers to frequently asked questions, visit The Village’s most recent Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2018 is posted on the Village website: This report includes general information regarding the Village water system, the results of lead testing of 26 samples taken from sites located throughout the Village in 2017, as well as information about testing your water and minimizing your risk of lead exposure from plumbing fixtures present in your home or business.


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