In the interest of verifying the efficacy of water filters placed in buildings impacted by elevated levels of lead, Colgate Environmental Health and Safety officials collected water samples from filtered water at both 80 and 40 Broad Street. Those results, which are not included in the list of water tests, are shared below and show that the filtration systems are working as expected.

40 Broad Street

  • Kitchen/filtered, first draw: 2.9 ppb
  • Kitchen/filtered, flush: <1 ppb

80 Broad

  • Kitchen/filtered, first draw: 2.3 ppb
  • Kitchen/filtered, flush: <1 ppb

Sample Types

First Draw Sample

A first-draw sample is a one-liter sample of tap water that has stood motionless in the plumbing pipes for at least eight hours and is collected without flushing the tap (EPA Drinking Water Regulations 40 CFR 141.2).

Flush Sample

A flush sample is taken after running the water for up to 2 minutes.

The EPA action level for lead in drinking water is 15 ppb.