Maura Tumulty

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Maura Tumulty

Professor of Philosophy; Chair, Department of Philosophy

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111 Hascall Hall

I’m interested in questions at the intersection of philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and moral psychology.  My recent book, Alien Experience, argues that one can sometimes be alienated from a perception (as one can sometimes be alienated from a desire).  This has implications for how we think about self-control, bias, cognitive penetration, and representationalist perceptual theories.  In my current teaching, I’m thinking about the nature of unconscious cognition.  And in my current writing, I’m thinking about how a perception could be epistemically problematic without being inaccurate.

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  • BA, Williams College
  • MSc, University of Edinburgh
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Perception
  • Feminist Epistemology
  • Feminist Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 341  | Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 360  | Feminist Philosophy
  • PHIL 418  | Unconscious Cognition
  • PHIL 101  | Introduction to Philosophical Problems
  • CORE 152 | Challenges of Modernity


Alien Experience.  Available from Oxford University Press.

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