Kelly Isham

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Kelly Isham

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Department/Office Information

214 McGregory Hall


I am passionate about researching and teaching math. I am interested in using technology both in my research and in the classroom. My work bridges ideas and techniques from number theory and combinatorics. My work often connects to other fields such as finite geometry, arithmetic geometry, or arithmetic statistics. I'm always happy to discuss these areas of math with students.

I am also dedicated to mentorship and diversity initiatives. My work in this area has focused on supporting minorities in STEM.

You can see more information about me at my website.

BA, Skidmore College, 2016

MS, University of California, Irvine, 2017

PhD, University of California, Irvine, 2021

Number theory, combinatorics, arithmetic geometry, arithmetic statistics, graph theory and network design

CORE S148 Making and Breaking Codes

MATH 161 Calculus I

MATH 163 Calculus III

MATH 214 Linear Algebra

MATH 250 Number Theory and Mathematical Reasoning

MATH 375 Abstract Algebra I

MATH 483 Senior Seminar: Mathematics

I am dedicated to supporting and increasing diversity on campus through mentorship and other programming. I am part of a pilot program called Peers as Mentors, which provides a peer mentor to the students in an introductory STEM course.


Guest Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2021 to Present)

Colgate Picker ISI Grant: April 2024 - August 2026

Los Alamos National Laboratory LDRD Reserve Grant: November 2022 - September 2023