Jing Wang

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Jing Wang

Associate Professor of Chinese

Department/Office Information

East Asian Languages and Literatures
104A Lawrence Hall
  • R 1:15pm - 3:00pm (104A Lawrence Hall)
  • F 1:15pm - 2:30pm (104A Lawrence Hall)


BA, Hebei Normal University, 1982; MA, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 1988; MA, Northeastern University, 1993; MA (1995), PhD (2000), Ohio State University

Lecturer, Hebei Normal University, Ohio State University; teaching assistant, Northeastern University, Ohio State University

Chinese language, literature, culture

Modern Chinese literature, women's autobiography, Chinese Language pedagogy

  • When "I" Was Born: Women's Autobiography in Modern China. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, (2008)
  • Jumping through Hoops: Autobiographical Stories by Modern Chinese Women Writers. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2003
  • "Dai Qing" in Who's Who in Contemporary Women's Writing (accepted for publication)
  • Ai, Ke yu hi ke qiu, translated from Harville Hendrix's Getting the Love You Want (China Women's Publishing House, 1991)
  • Qinmi de mosheng ren, translated from Lilian Rubin's Intimate Strangers (China Women's Publishing House, 1991)
  • Ying shi rumen (An Introduction to English Poetry) (Shanghai Translations Publishing House, 1990)

Library Editor


Tian-yi Li Award for outstanding academic performance, Ohio State University, 1997; Cai Wansen Award for research, the Yi Xian Culture and Education Foundation 1997