Eric Muller

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Eric Muller

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department/Office Information

301 Wynn Hall

University of Colorado and JILA, Postdoc (2013-2018)

University of California, Berkeley, PhD (2012)

Haverford College, BA with ACS certification (2006)

Physical Chemistry; Ultrafast and Nanoscale Spectroscopy

In molecular, biological, and soft matter systems, intermolecular coupling and associated structure control material function and performance. The low energies and small lengths scales of these interactions has made them challenging to investigate by conventional methods. In the Muller lab, we are currently working to develop and apply new methods in vibrational spectroscopy and nanoscale imaging in order to understand molecular interactions at these energy and length scales. 

General Chemistry 101, General Chemistry 102, General Chemistry Lab

Physical Chemistry 334

Molecular Spectroscopy Lab 382

Advanced Chemistry Research 482


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Selected Presentations

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