David (Dave) Lantz

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David (Dave) Lantz

Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus

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Please see my web page on the Department of Mathematics server.

  • BS, Kutztown State College, 1968
  • MA (1972), PhD (1975), University of Kansas
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • University of Georgia
  • Purdue University
  • Abstract algebra
  • Galois theory
  • Geometry

Commutative rings and algebra

  • "The residue fields of a zero-dimensional ring" with W. Heinzer and R. Wiegand. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra; 1997.
  • "Coefficient and stable ideals in polynomial rings" with W. Heinzer in Factorization in Integral Domains.Dekker; 1996.
  • "Prime Ideals in Birational Extensions of Polynomial Rings II" with W. Heinzer and S. Wiegand and "The Ascending Chain Condition On N-generated Submodules" in Zero-Dimensional Commutative Rings. Dekker; 1994.
  • "Exceptional Prime Divisors of Two-Dimensional Local Domains." Commutative Algebra: Dekker, 1987.
  • Other articles in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Journal of Algebra, Communications in Algebra, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Journal of Geometry