Benjamin Anderson

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Benjamin Anderson

Assistant Professor in Economics

Department/Office Information

225 Persson Hall


  • The Ohio State University (2011)
    PhD in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

  • London School of Economics (2006)
    MSc in Economics

  • Ohio Northern University (2003)
    BS in Business Administration (High Distinction)
  • Introduction to Economics (ECON 151)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 251)
  • Seminar in Sports Economics (ECON 436)
  • Current Economic Issues (FSEM 181)
  • Industrial Organization

    Endogenous market structures
    Firm R&D and innovation
    Strategic alliances between firms
    Vertical and horizontal product differentiation

  • Development Economics

    Household shocks and risk-coping mechanisms

  • Agricultural Economics

    Agricultural biotechnology and genetically modified crops

  • Sports Economics

Working Papers

  • Anderson, Benjamin C. 2014. "Extending Sutton's "Bounds": A Model of Endogenous Market Structure, Innovation, and Licensing." (Under Review)
  • Anderson, Benjamin C. and Sheldon, Ian M. 2013. "R&D Concentration under Endogenous Fixed Costs: Evidence from the Agricultural Biotechnology Industry." 
  • Anderson, Benjamin C. and Sinkey, Michael J. 2014. "Like Mike or Like Lebron: Do the Most Able Need College to Signal?"
  • Anderson, Benjamin C. "Consumption Smoothing Responses to Natural Disasters: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Nicaragua."

Works in Progress

  • Endogenous Strategic Alliances: R&D Investment, Licensing, and Research Joint Ventures
  • Happy Cows vs. Laughing Cow: Endogenous Market Structure under Generic and Brand Advertising

Student Co-authored Working Papers

  • Gropper, Catherine C. and Anderson, Benjamin C. 2014. "Sellout, Blackout, or Get Out: The Impacts of the 2012 Policy Change on TV Blackouts and Attendance in the NFL." (Revise and resubmit)

Student Co-authored Works in Progress

  • Commitment and Satisfaction on the Field and in the Classroom: A Case Study of Student Athlete Experiences at a Liberal Arts College (with Caitlin Cremin)

Summer Research Apprenticeship Funding

  • Performance Evaluation and Contract Theory: Subjective vs. Objective Assessments and Reference Points (with Kevin Sayles)

Honors Thesis Advising

  • Ethan Atwood ('16) 
  • Matt Knowles ('15), Honors, "The Effect of the National Input Voucher Scheme on the Technical Efficiency of Rural Farmers in Tanzania"
  • Caitlin Cremin ('14), Honors, "The Winning Formula: A Case Study of the Makings of a Successful Collegiate Athlete"
  • Steven Xu ('13), Honors, "Efficiency, Biases and Price Changes in the NFL and College Football Betting Markets"
  • Christine Hebert ('12), Honors, “The Exogenous Effect of Corn Prices on Beef Prices in the U.S. Using R&D as an Instrumental Variable”
  • Honorable Mention to a Research Manuscript By A Second-Year PhD Student, OSU (2008)
  • Distinguished University Fellowship, Graduate School, OSU (2006)
  • Presidential Scholarship, ONU (1999)
  • Referee

American Journal of Agricultural Economics​, ​Review of Development Economics

  • Professional Membership

American Economic Association, Industrial Organization Society, Society of Labor Economists, Royal Economic Society, Southern Economic Association, Omicron Delta Epsilon