Staff Development and Training

Colgate University supports the professional development of its staff by offering training opportunities both on and off campus.

Throughout the year, employees are invited to attend workshops and seminars brought to campus to enhance the development of skills and provide professional growth opportunities. If you have a need for training that is not covered here, please contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.

Seminars for Support and Technical Staff

As part of the support for professional and technical development, Colgate has established a fund to provide technical and support staff with assistance to attend off-campus conferences, workshops, seminars, or courses that enhance individual skills. Download a request form, or call the Human Resources Department at 315-228-7411 for more information.

The following websites list workshops in our area:

Colgate's Information Technology Services office also offers a number of training seminars each semester. View a calendar of ITS training sessions here.

Professional Development

Professional development funds budgeted by individual departments/divisions can be used for staff to attend conferences, for administrators' attendance at workshops, and for staff memberships in professional organizations. The following websites list general management seminars for administrators:

Members of the technical and support staff are also encouraged to join their professional organizations. Links to several are included below: 

Staff should contact their supervisors for funding.