New York Six Cross-Registration

Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University, and Union College.

Established with the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium facilitates collaboration among its member institutions in fulfilling their educational missions and serving the public good. Through the sharing of expertise and resources, the Consortium enhances options for students, faculty, and staff.


Policies and Eligibility for Colgate Students

The cross-registration program is made possible through the New York Six Consortium. Cross-registration courses are taught through an online, virtual classroom. 

  • Colgate students who have completed at least one semester on campus are eligible to register for cross-registration courses.
  • To be eligible to cross-register, a student must be enrolled full-time at Colgate (i.e., registered for a minimum of 3.00 course credits), unless the student qualifies for per-course billing or receives permission from the associate dean of the faculty to cross-register for two courses.
  • Courses taken as part of this cross-registration program will count as institutional credit, as if it were a traditional Colgate course. Grades earned will be recorded on the Colgate transcript and calculated into the Colgate grade point average. Major credit is determined on a case-by-case basis by the department. (Note: Hindi, taken through Syracuse University, is an exception to this policy and is treated as regular transfer credit and does not calculate toward the Colgate GPA.)
  • Students may only cross-register for one New York Six course per term.
  • A maximum of three New York Six credits will count toward the Colgate degree.
  • Students on academic warning must obtain permission to cross-register from both their administrative dean and the associate dean of the faculty.
  • Students cross-registering for New York Six courses are responsible for knowing the relevant policies and deadlines for both Colgate University and the host campus.
  • Students who are billed for full-time attendance at Colgate will not be charged additional tuition for cross-registered courses. Students granted per course billing status will be billed per course up to the cost of full time tuition for home school and cross-registered courses. Host institutions may charge miscellaneous fees.
  • Following the completion of the cross-registered course, a transcript will be sent from the host institution to the Colgate University Registrar’s Office. The course credit and grade will be added to the student’s Colgate record upon receipt of the transcript.
  • Seniors should check with the registrar's office before taking a cross-registered course in their final semester, as it may affect graduation.
  • Colgate students attending a full-semester study abroad program through one of the other five colleges will be placed on approved program status, and course work completed during the term away will be treated as transfer credit, per existing policy.
  • Because Colgate does not offer summer courses, cross-registration is not permitted over the summer. Students taking summer courses at a New York Six member school must apply directly for visiting student status at that institution. Summer courses will count as transfer credit and must comply with all Colgate policies and requirements pertaining to summer transfer credit.

Registering for a cross-registration course

To view available course offerings and obtain the registration form, please visit the New York Six Cross-Registration web page.

Students are responsible for all policies and regulations as stipulated in the New York Six Cross-Registration Guidelines.