The ’Gate Way

Insider tips from Colgate students and faculty about what to expect and how to succeed in your new home on the hill.

Hello incoming students,

The faculty are excited that you are coming to Colgate. Congratulations! In our humble opinion, you have made an excellent choice.

The three of us (Profs. Hirata, Johnson and Kelly) are writing not only to welcome you but also invite you to participate in the academic ‘Gate Way, an easy to navigate online resource offering 13 tips to help you transition from high school to Colgate. These tips offer insider information—from actual students, faculty, and alumni—on what to expect and how to succeed at Colgate. In our 50 years of combined teaching experience here, we have found that students who take these suggestions to heart are the ones who get the most out of themselves and of Colgate.

Like all of the faculty here at Colgate, the three of us care deeply about our students and designed this resource in conjunction with your dean to give you a leg up as you make this transition.

Professor Hirata (Japanese Language)
Professor Johnson (Psychology)
Professor Kelly (Psychology and Neuroscience)

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