Faculty & Staff Sustainability Programs

Faculty and staff play important roles in fostering an economically responsible, socially compassionate, and environmentally conscious campus community.

Resources for Teaching Sustainability

Pamela Gramlich presents an award to Professor Margaretha Haughwout at the Green Summit

Faculty who seek to introduce topics of climate change or sustainability into their teaching may find the following resources useful:

To inquire about support and guidance for developing a course module on sustainability and/or climate change, please contact:

Professor Biology and Environmental Studies; Director, Upstate Institute
Director of Sustainability

Get Involved

There are many ways for faculty and staff to cultivate sustainable practices on campus. Do your part by participating in the following:

This professional development program advances a culture of sustainability at Colgate by offering and supporting engaging educational programming for employees. The program assists employees looking to meet the sustainability behavioral competency as highlighted in Colgate’s job description standards.

Employees register for sessions of their choice, earning credits for each program in which they participate in. Generally, one hour of programming equals one credit earned. The Sustainability Office tracks each employee’s participation over time.

Foundations of Sustainability

One of the passport's flagship programs, Foundations of Sustainability is a six-week interactive discussion-based course that explores the principles and practice of sustainability at Colgate and beyond. The class has a series of short readings on a specific topic each week.

These topics encompass the ecological, economic, social, and health impacts of our choices on campus and at a national scale. They also review how individual choices can lead to a more sustainable future for all.

Tracking Participation

Employees receive recognition on the following point scale:

  • Sustainability Associate (10-14 points).
  • Sustainability Advocate (15-19 points).
  • Sustainability Champion (20 points or more).

Employees are recognized for their achievements and participation in the program.

To learn more: Visit the Sustainability Passport Google Site

The fund supports significant physical upgrades to campus, proposed by faculty and staff, that measurably improve the university’s ecological impact. Any faculty or staff member may submit a proposal.

Green Revolving Loan Fund

The Oak Event Certification provides a framework for the Colgate Community to plan and execute environment-friendly and sustainable events on campus. This program provides consultation and resources aimed to assist event planners with actions that help reduce our ecological and carbon footprints.

The Purchasing Office maintains a list of items and goods recovered from Colgate's departments and offices that are available for purchase or exchange elsewhere within the university. Before purchasing new furniture or office supplies, look to the salvage and exchange site to see what you might be able to reuse.

Salvage exchange