Crisis Help for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence will not be tolerated at Colgate. In spite of this clear message, this crime does occur. When a sexual assault occurs, it is never the survivor’s fault.

Colgate has support services for survivors and we encourage every survivor to reach out for help. Trauma, including one-time, multiple, or long-lasting repetitive events, affect everyone differently. There are options and we respect survivors’ decisions as they decide what is best.

If you are in immediate danger, call Campus Safety (315-228-7911), or the police at 911.

Access to Care After Trauma

The counselor-on-call can be reached by calling the Campus Safety dispatcher at 315-228-7333 and asking for the counselor on call. Your first name and phone number will be requested in order to provide information to the counselor for a return phone call. The counselor will help you through your options. 

Located between the Student Health Center and the townhouses. The attending nurse will contact an advocate from Help Restore Hope Center to discuss options with you. 

Call 1-855-9NOWSAFE and ask for a sexual assault advocate. The advocate will assist you with next steps. The advocate’s purpose is to listen to the victim, inform the victim of rights and confidentiality, create a safety plan, and answer questions about the process. Upon request, an advocate will stay with the victim throughout the process, including if an examination is done.

Access to Medical Care and Evidence Collection

Medical care can be accessed through the Community Memorial Hospital emergency room or Student Health Services (during business hours). If a survivor would like to have a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) available for evidence collection, the advocate from HRH will assist with this process. The counselor-on-call is available to help communicate with the HRH advocate. 

There will be SANE nurses on-call for Community Memorial Hospital on a part-time basis. If a SANE nurse is not available to respond to Community Memorial Hospital, the advocate and/or on-call counselor will arrange for a SANE nurse examination at Oneida Hospital or at one of the Syracuse hospitals The advocate and/or counselor will arrange for transportation to this examination if the survivor would like this assistance.

Access to Ongoing Support, Counseling, and Assistance

Haven, as the sexual assault response center for the Colgate community, provides confidential care, support, advocacy, and trauma-informed clinical services for survivors of sexual assault and other forms of violence. Our counseling staff are here to offer support and options in a welcoming and supportive environment. Other resources available at Haven include, the lending library, Help Restore Hope Advocate, and information on other sources of support on campus. 

A survivor may experience a wide range of emotions following the trauma. Additionally, accommodations may be necessary to help the survivor feel safe. The on-call counselor and/or the advocate will assist the survivor with the following:

  • scheduling appointments for counseling (on- or off-campus)
  • scheduling a medical follow-up appointment (on- or off-campus)
  • reporting options/legal decisions (on- or off- campus)
  • housing or academic accommodations
  • other support resources (e.g., Chaplains’ office)

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Haven is a sexual violence resource center that provides confidential care, support, advocacy, and trauma-informed clinical services for survivors.