Faculty Poll on the March 5 Draft Proposal

Below are two files, with the quantitative results of the poll presented with analysis and the qualitative comments received presented in a viewable spreadsheet format. 144 individuals completed the Poll. All results were fully anonymized except when people provided their names voluntarily. All identifying information has been removed from the comments. 

March 2020 Faculty Poll Quantitative Data and Analysis

March 2020 Faculty Poll - Qualitative Comments (Anonymized)

Core Revision Draft Proposal, March 5, 2020 

Diverse Perspectives Inclusive Communities Core Draft Proposal 3-5-20

Core Revision Committee Faculty Meeting Presentation 3-9-20 (PDF)

Appendix to the FSEM Proposal (March 2020)

Earlier Draft Documents

Core Revision Special Faculty Meeting, February 10, 2020 (Slides)

Core Model 1

Core Model 2

Core Model 3

February 10, 2020 Faculty Meeting Informal Poll Results

CRC Message of February 18, 2020 Regarding Model Poll Results and Next Steps

Core Revision Model Descriptions (12-2-19 Faculty Meeting)

Core Revision Presentation (12-2-19 Faculty Meeting)

Model Repository Spreadsheet (anonymized) - November, 2019 

This Model Repository Spreadsheet offers many ideas the CRC received from members of the faculty in November 2019. The CRC took many of these suggestions into account throughout the rest of the Core Revision modeling process.