Beyond Colgate and the Deans' Meal Programs

There are various sources of funding to support student-faculty interaction outside of the classroom supported by the Dean of Faculty and the Dean of Students.

Beyond Colgate

The Beyond Colgate program sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Faculty supports course-related travel in the region surrounding Colgate. The budget limit is normally $2500 per class. Preference will be given to travel that is integral to the course and listed on the syllabus. Support is available for local travel as well as to regional destinations. As these funds are limited, and almost all are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, we urge you to submit proposals before the start of each term.

A brief proposal should be sent to Danny Barreto, Interim Associate Dean of the Faculty for Global and Local Initiatives (with a copy to Cassidy Rodman), and should include the following information:

  1. The course number and title.
  2. The nature of the trip, and how the trip supports the academic goals of the course.
  3. Number of participants (student and faculty).
  4. Location and desired date. If your dates are flexible and you are open to sharing transportation costs with another class, please feel free to mention that in the proposal.
  5. An estimated budget, including transportation expense (bus rental, daily rental [$50 per day] and estimated mileage for a Colgate van); meals (a maximum of $20 per diem for each person); entrance fees; lodging (if overnight); tolls, tips, and other miscellaneous items. Driver tips are limited to $25 for trips under 100 miles each way and $50 for trips to destinations at least 100 miles away.
  6. Possible funding from departments or programs, including any endowed or discretionary departmental funds available to help defray these costs. (Please consult your department/program chair regarding the availability of such funds.)


  • For Beyond Colgate travel, please use chartered buses (contact info: First Transit 315-228-4287, Hale Transportation 315-853-8670 or Wade Tours 518-355-4500), public transportation, or Colgate vans (see below for reservation instructions).
  • Students should be discouraged from traveling by personal vehicle. Where such means of transportation is unavoidable, we require that each student sign and submit a risk management form before departure.
  • To minimize disruption to academic schedules, we encourage faculty, whenever possible, to schedule trips on days when regularly scheduled classes do not meet (after 2:10 p.m. Fridays and during weekends).

Van Request Policy for Academic Departments

To request Colgate vans, please contact Shelby King in the Physics and Astronomy department. In order to ensure that your request is confirmed prior to the start of classes, kindly email van requests by Monday, August 14 along with the following information: Dept/Class, Ext or Cell, Faculty Member, Number of vans, Date(s), Budget code, Destination, and Driver(s), if known. Note that all drivers (faculty, staff and students) must have prior authorization in order to operate any Colgate University owned, leased, or rented vehicles. Authorization procedures can be found in Colgate’s Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy. Authorization must be renewed bi-annually. You may call the Environmental Health and Safety Office in advance of your reservation to confirm whether your authorization is current.

Dean's Meal Program

To encourage student-faculty-staff interaction, the Dean of the College has set aside money to support these casual opportunities with students. We are continuing the employee/student meal programs. The objective is to bring faculty, administrators and students together in settings outside the classroom or office. Below are places where you may take students for coffee, a snack, or a meal.

Chobani at the Hieber Café & Coop Snack Break

You and the student(s) will be able to charge up to $6 each for snacks at the O’Connor Campus Center or Chobani at the Hieber Café. The faculty or staff member must accompany the student(s) through the line and sign for the charges at the register. This program may be utilized up to ten times during the fall semester.

The Meal Program

Faculty members and administrators who want to talk with students informally over breakfast, lunch or dinner are encouraged to enjoy a free meal at Frank Dining Hall. At the front register, simply identify yourself as a participant in the "Dean's Meal Program," show your I.D. card, and complete the sign-in sheet. If the student is on the board plan, have them swipe their I.D. Otherwise, you may use one of your meals for the student and one for yourself. This program is also limited to ten meals per semester.

Faculty should contact Michele Carney in the Office of the Dean of the College with questions about this program.

The Dean's Refreshment Program

For many years, the Dean's Refreshment Program, sponsored by the Dean of Faculty, has offered support for faculty who wish to share refreshments or a meal with their current classes outside the normal class meeting time. By enhancing and encouraging additional gatherings of the entire class, this program seeks to support extended student-faculty engagement. This program will continue this year, with an allowance of $150 per class.

The Dean of the Faculty will also entertain requests for supplementary funds for classes over 25. This program provides funding for entire classes only and does not cover alcoholic beverages.

Faculty should contact Cassidy Rodman in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to access these funds.