The Power of Marketing: Riley Decker ’23 Interns With Powerlifting America

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This past summer, Riley Decker ’23 interned with Powerlifting America. The organization is the official United States affiliate of the International Powerlifting Federation, supporting athletes that represent the country on the world’s biggest lifting platforms.

Riley Decker marketing intern with camera

As the organization’s marketing intern, Riley created content to grow the social media accounts, developed the brand identity, and recruited athletes to join the federation. Her work was impactful. The organization's social media accounts considerably increased engagement and followers but her outreach didn’t end in the digital space.

“Powerlifting America had never considered adding interns to the team before I asked to join,” said Riley. “A major moment of accomplishment was recruiting new interns to expand our team. I have been promoted to the team’s marketing director, so I am beginning to gain experience in managing a team of two interns.”

Traveling is important to Riley and as part of her internship, she attended two powerlifting competitions to do media coverage. She attended the National Championships in Orlando, Fla., and the North American Regional Championships in Panama City, Panama. Both opportunities required creativity and ambition and offered her opportunities to work with athletes that she admires. 

“I’ve traveled and learned more than I ever imagined, and I will be a much stronger candidate as I apply to jobs this fall semester.”

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