Emily Schreurs ’24 Conducts Research at Uniformed Services University

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In the summer of 2022, Emily Schreurs ’24 had the opportunity to conduct research at Uniformed Services University. Located in Bethesda, Md., the research university trains students in a number of health science fields within the broader field of military medicine. 

Emily investigated the impact of the drug estradiol on the body’s stress axis following traumatic brain injury. She conducted experiments analyzing proteins implicated in the stress axis to make conclusions about administering estradiol following trauma to the brain.

Emily Schreurs ’24 performing research

Emily’s valuable experience at USU set her up for success in a potential career in neuroscience. She encountered numerous techniques used by professional neuroscience researchers, learned how to interpret data and draw conclusions, and developed skills in scientific writing and reading. Additionally, Emily learned about time and project management to meet deadlines and the experience of living on her own while working full-time.

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