Colgate University Launches the Colgate Link

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Colgate University is proud to launch the Colgate Link, an official online community driving powerful professional and social connections within the Colgate network. Starting on April 12, students were granted access to the website, where they can begin to build connections on this exciting, exclusive resource. 

Many alumni and students have expressed interest in one centralized location where Colgate alumni and students could connect. The Colgate Link provides this opportunity, making networking within the Colgate community convenient. 

“The Colgate Link gives students and alumni the ability to connect easily and build communities,” Teresa Olsen, assistant vice president and director of career services, said. “It is meant to make networking as accessible as possible, allowing students and alumni to engage both professionally and personally.” 

The Colgate Link members can search the alumni directory for contact information. On the “Find Connections” page, members have the ability to filter search results based on industry or location, campus organizations, club membership, and athletic affiliation. The website itself will suggest connections in response to user preferences. 

“As a female soccer player from Columbia, Maryland, I can quickly get in contact with Colgate women’s soccer alumni that live in my area,” said Adrienne Vaughn ’22.

Members also have the ability to send messages, schedule meetings, conduct phone or video calls, and send documents — all directly through the “Find Connections” page.

Through the Colgate Link, members can also join groups based on their industry interests and personal identities, posting general questions to the community for expert reviews and advice.

Users have the ability to connect their LinkedIn profile to transfer personal information easily. Compared to LinkedIn, the Colgate Link features quicker messaging because no connection is needed to reach out to a potential contact. The system also uses templates to suggest language for messages and offers Colgate-specific filtering criteria.

“The Colgate Link easily connects students with members of the Colgate alumni network, rather than having to search for alumni through LinkedIn,” said Sonia Ost ’20. “This platform should also help students feel more comfortable reaching out since alumni have specifically signed up for this platform to stay connected with the Colgate community.”