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Link Staff 2018-19

Excited to meet your link? You should be!

What Is Link Staff?

Members of the link staff are Colgate students who serve as guides for incoming new students throughout orientation, as well as mentors throughout students' first year. Each first-year seminar is matched with a member of the link staff.

Meet Your Link

Ellie Kucera

FSEM 100 – Ellie Kucera '21

Hometown: Jackson, WY
Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement:  Tour Guide, SAT Tutoring Head Coach, Alpine Ski Team, Club Lacrosse
Fun FactMy high school graduating class had 23 people, 3 of which (13% of the class of course) went on to the greatest university in the world ;)
Ben Locklin

FSEM 101 – Ben Locklin '19

Hometown: Acton, MA
Major: Economics
Minor: Applied Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Student Government, Club Tennis, COVE
Fun Fact: I wanted to go to Colgate when I was 11.
Yimei Lin

FSEM 102 - Yimei Lin '20 (Abroad Fall 2018)

Will be working with Grant Morro '20
Hometown: Manlius, NY
Major: Biology / Music
Campus Involvement: Colgate University Orchestra, Chamber Players, Pre-Health Association, Pet Pals, Pre-Vet Club
Fun Fact: My birthday is my mom’s birthday backwards.
Grant Morro

FSEM 102 – Grant Morro '20

Will be working with Yimei Lin '20
: Darien, CT
Major: Political Science / Music
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Newman Community, Colgate University Orchestra
Fun Fact: I've been studying piano since I was 4 and the double bass since I was 10.
Noah Kalman

FSEM 105 - Noah Kalman '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Karlos Acosta '21.
Hometown: Longmeadow, MA
Major: Sociology
Minor: Political Science / Film and Media Studies 
Campus InvolvementDigital Learning and Media Center (DLMC), Blue Diamond Society, Marketing Club
Fun Fact: As a kid I learned to play the piano, trumpet, and guitar but I now lack any musical ability.
Karlos Acosta

FSEM 105 – Karlos Acosta '21

Will be working with Noah Kalman '20
: Lynbrook, NY
Major: Economics
Campus Involvement: WRCU-FM, Finance Club, Latin American Student Organization, Latin American Dance Club, Brothers
Fun Fact: I used to tap dance and act as a little kid.
Chris Pang

FSEM 106 – Chris Pang '20

Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Molecular Biology
Campus InvolvementGreek Life, MAPS, Hong Kong Student Association, Colgate Consulting Club
Fun Fact: I'm a music enthusiast.
Jackson Gillum

FSEM 107 - Jackson Gillum '21

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Major: Political Science
Minor: English
Campus Involvement: Rowing
Fun Fact: I’m really good at random trivia
Chelsea Rogers

FSEM 108 – Chelsea Rogers '20

Hometown: Ocean, NJ
Major: Physics / Studio Art
Campus Involvement: One Love Facilitator, Planned Parenthood 
Fun Fact: I put hot sauce on almost everything I eat.
Jenny Lundt

FSEM 111 - Jenny Lundt '19

Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Major: Peace and Conflicts / Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Campus Involvement: Student Body President, Benton Scholar, Thought into Action, This is Not a Play About Sex, Club Bowling
Fun FactBy the time the 2018/ 2019 school year starts, I will have traveled to 75 countries!
Sky Nieves

FSEM 112 – Skye Nieves '20

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Native American Studies 
Campus Involvement: WRCU, DDT, Groove Dance Troupe, Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Fun Fact: Both my elbows are double-jointed!

Nikhil Rajavasireddy

FSEM 113 – Nikhil Rajavasireddy '21

Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Colgate Debate Society, Tour Guide for the Office of Admissions, Intramural Sports Referee
Fun Fact: When I was 10 I tried to jump of the roof of my house with a broom thinking I could fly like Harry Potter.
Grace Cromwell

FSEM 126 – Grace Cromwell '19

Hometown: York, ME
Major: Molecular Biology
Campus Involvement: Hamilton Outdoors Group, Greek Life, Pre-Med track
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Wales last semester and now boast that I can speak Welsh.
Anika Rutah

FSEM 128 - Anika Rutah '20

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Biology
Campus Involvement: Yes Means Yes, Greek Life, OUS Scholar, This Is Not A Play About Sex (TINAPAS)
Fun Fact: I have a kitten named Jasper on campus!
Victory Unigwe

FSEM 131 – Victory Unigwe '19

Hometown: New York, NY 
Major: Physics
Minor: Russian and Eurasian Studies
Campus Involvement: Editor in Chief of the Yearbook, Engineering Club, TIA Entrepreneur, ASU
Fun Fact: I speak five languages.
Abby Waxler

FSEM 132 – Abby Waxler '19

Hometown: Wyomissing, PA
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Applied Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association (SGA), Thought into Action (TIA), Women in CS
Fun Fact: Taylor Swift and I grew up in the same town.
Sam Abecassis

FSEM 133 – Sam Abecassis '19

Hometown: White Plains, NY
Major: Molecular Biology
Minor: Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Club Baseball, Colgate Jewish Union, Blue Diamond Society
Fun Fact: My least favorite food is cheese and it’s not even close.
Rohan Chaudhari

FSEM 136 – Rohan Chaudhari '19

Will be working with Max Baron '20
: Kolkata, India
Major: Computer Science / Philosophy and Religion
Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Brothers, Debate Society
Fun Fact: I can eat spicier food than you.
Max Baron

FSEM 136 – Max Baron '20

Will be working with Rohan Chaudhari '19 
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Political Science 
Minor: Peace and Conflict Studies
Campus Involvement:College Democrats, Bankruptcy Law Project, Colgate Hillel, Blue Diamond Society
Fun Fact: My mom says I was able to walk at 9 months old, which apparently is better than average.
Alex Valdez

FSEM 138 – Alex Valdez '19

Will be working with Charley Saltzgaber '20.
Hometown: Ontario, CA
Major: Peace and Conflict Studies 
Minor: History
Campus Involvement: First-Gen Initiative, University Orchestra, Latin American Student Organization, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I fractured my arm playing tag.
Charley Saltzgaber

FSEM 138 – Charley Saltzgaber '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Alex Valdez '19
: Weston, CT
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Psychology
Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Greek Life, WRCU Radio DJ, Computer Science Teaching Assistant
Fun Fact: One time I dunked my head in a high school toilet for $30.
David Little

FSEM 140 – David Little '20

Hometown: Wilbraham, MA
MajorEconomics / Psychology
Campus Involvement: Colgate Activities Board, Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance
Fun Fact: I'm 6'6", but my last name is Little.
Molly Lieberman

FSEM 141 - Molly Lieberman '19

Hometown: Queensbury, NY
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Campus Involvement: Liberty Kids, Psychology Research Assistant, Greek Life
Fun Fact: Last summer I won the digital lottery to see Wicked on Broadway, but have yet to win tickets to see Hamilton.
Maddie Srivastava

FSEM 142 – Maddie Srivastava '19

Hometown: Wilton, CT
Major: Applied Mathematics
Minor: Sociology
Campus Involvement: Math Club, Hamilton Central Tutoring, ITS Desk Consultant, Project Beauty
Fun Fact: I've worn my socks inside out since I was 7 and most likely will forever.
Danny Jaris

FSEM 144 – Danny Jaris '19

Hometown: Harrington Park, NJ
Major: Biology
Minor: Religion
Campus Involvement: Pre-Health Student Association, Rotaract Club
Fun Fact: I recently made eye contact with Amy Poehler on a plane and she gave me a reassuring smile.
Bella DeLeon

FSEM 145 – Bella DeLeon '21

Hometown: Solvang, CA
Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Shock Dance Group
Fun Fact: I am from the Danish capital of America!
Abi Goffinet

FSEM 150 - Abi Goffinet '21

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Undeclared
Minor: Art History and Museum Studies
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide, Photographer for Maroon News, Democracy Matters
Fun Fact: I am not an American Citizen.
Melissa Verbeek

FSEM 153 – Melissa Verbeek '21

Hometown: Crownsville, MD
Major: Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies / Psychology
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee and Model Arab League
Fun Fact: I’m technically still not supposed to go to some areas of Sweden because my ancestor demanded child support from a regional king.
Gracie Morgan

FSEM 154 - Gracie Morgan '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Courtney Gilroy '19.
Hometown: Hudson, OH
Major: Sociology
Campus Involvement: Student Government, The Network, WMST, Yes Means Yes, SRS, Charred Goosebeak, TINAPAS
Fun Fact: I can’t smell skunks.

Courtney Gilroy

FSEM 154 – Courtney Gilroy '19

Will be working with Gracie Morgan '20.
Hometown: Wilton, CT
Major: Economics
Minor: Political Science
Campus Involvement: Varsity Swim Team, Co-President of SAAC, Link Staff, Adopt-A-Classroom, Women in Business
Fun Fact: All of my family members, including pets, have first names that start with the letter C.
Dustin Goldberg

FSEM 156 – Dustin Goldberg '20

Hometown: Port Monmouth, NJ
Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy
Campus InvolvementGreek Life, Chapter Philanthropy Chair
Fun Fact: I'm a certified scuba diver.
Sophie Grayer

FSEM 157 – Sophie Grayer '19

Hometown: Rye, NY
Major: Philosophy and Religion
MinorCreative Writing
Campus Involvement: SGA, Sidekicks, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I collect things and collage walls, a lot.
Dewey Wilbanks

FSEM 158 - Dewey Wilbanks '21

Will be working with Louisa Fowler '19
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Religion
Campus Involvement: Student Government, Admissions, Democracy Matters
Fun Fact: I have 22 first cousins. 
Louisa Fowler

FSEM 158 – Louisa Fowler '20 (Abroad Fall 2018)

Will be working with Dewey Wilbanks '21
Hometown: Summit, NJ
Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Club Frisbee, DoRAK, Triathlon Club
Fun Fact: I eat more Sunflower Seed butter than anybody ever (I'm allergic to nuts).
Wil Stowers

FSEM 159 – Wil Stowers '19

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
MajorRussian and Eurasian Studies / Political Science
Campus Involvement: Mock Trial, COVE, Office of Admission, Maroon News
Fun Fact: I've watched the entirety of The West Wing and House of Cards... Twice!
Paul Jung

FSEM 160 – Paul Jung '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Emily Lubin '21
: Fort Lee, NJ
Major: Film and Media Studies / Economics
Campus Involvement: Charred Goosebeak, ETC Sketch Comedy, WRCU Radio, DLMC Media Mentor, Governance Board, Research Assistant
Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I watched Ina Garten make lasagna on Barefoot Contessa, and then tried to make it myself with orange juice because we didn't have any marinara sauce at home. In other words, I'm highly motivated and will make the most out of the resources at my disposal.
Emily Lubin

FSEM 160 – Emily Lubin '21

Will be working with Paul Jung '20
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Major: Psychology / Philosophy
Campus Involvement: Intramural Sports, Ski Club, EngAge Club
Fun Fact: I drove 4 hours to do yoga with goats this summer.
Vanessa Lizana

FSEM 161 – Vanessa Lizana '20

Hometown: Dublin, PA
MajorEnglish / Film and Media Studies
Campus Involvement: 2020 Class Council, Women's Club Volleyball, Student Committee on Providing Entertainment, Colgate in Entertainment
Fun Fact: My extended family has a vineyard in Chile.
Hannah Adkins

FSEM 162 – Hannah Adkins '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will Be working with Madison Smith '19
: Atlanta, GA
Major: Peace and Conflict Studies
Campus Involvement: SGA, Greek Life, Sidekicks
Fun Fact: Some would say I am the world’s most fist-bumpable person. 
Madison Smith

FSEM 162 – Madison Smith ’19

Will be working with Hannah Adkins '20.
: Goffstown, NH
Major: Environmental Studies / Economics
Campus Involvement: Intern in the Office of Sustainability, Tutor for Hamilton Secondary Tutors, Students for Students
Fun Fact: I know every word to every Avril Lavigne song on albums 1-4. Her 5th album is unimportant.
Theo Asher

FSEM 163 – Theo Asher '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Mary Clubb '19
: Los Angeles, CA
MajorPeace and Conflict Studies
Minor: Film and Media Studies
Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Maroon-News, COVE: Buddies, Club Baseball, Ski and Snowboard Club
Fun Fact: When I was in second grade, I was featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a child comedian. My skills have declined horribly since then.
Mary Clubb

FSEM 163 – Mary Clubb '19

Will be working with Theo Asher '20
: Purcellville, VA
Major: Peace and Conflict Studies 
Campus Involvement: Bystander Intervention Intern, WRCU, Konosioni, TINAPAS, Empower Hour Coordinator, Peer Health Educator
Fun Fact: I was baptized out of a salad bowl.
Matt Zee

FSEM 165 – Matt Zee '19

Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Major: Political Science 
Minor: Creative Writing
Campus Involvement: Sidekicks, Konosioni, One Love
Fun Fact: One time I ate a ghost pepper.
Avery Brook

FSEM 170 – Avery Brook '21

Hometown: Darien, CT
Major: Educational Studies / History
Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, Tour Guide and Greeter in the Office of Admissions, University Chorus and Chambers Singers, SGA, Cabaret and Jazz Cabaret 
Fun Fact: I have three citizenships.
Ayah Elarabi

FSEM 171 – Ayah Elarabi '20

Hometown: Hamden, CT
Major: International Relations / Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Campus Involvement:  SGA, Greek Life, SAT Prep Tutor
Fun Fact: I have not bitten into an apple since the 2008 financial crisis.
Karen Aguilar

FSEM 172 – Karen Aguilar '20

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Spanish / Psychology
Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, Colgate Cheer Team, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I backpacked Europe for 2 weeks with a friend for half of it and alone for half of it.
Shelley Liu

FSEM 177 – Shelley Liu '21

Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Major: Applied Mathematics / Economics
Campus Involvement: Women's Rugby (15's and 7's), Democracy Matters, Colgate Women in Business
Fun Fact: My favorite food is pad thai and my favorite pastime is cliff & bridge jumping.
Nicholas Quinn

FSEM 181 – Nicholas Quinn '20

Hometown: Macungie, PA
Major: Geography
Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, Budget allocation Committee, Madison Mentoring, Geography Department Research Assistant
Fun Fact: I went to the same orthodontist as Amanda Seyfried!
D'Jonita Cottrell

FSEM 182 – D'Jonita Cottrell '19

Will be working with Kevin Grijalva '20.
: Boston, MA
Major: Psychology / Educational Studies
Campus Involvement: First Generation Initiative, DDT Hip Hop Group, Senior Admission Fellow, Co-President of Konosioni 
Fun Fact: I have a weird obsession with all things pickles.
Kevin Grijalva

FSEM 182 – Kevin Grijalva '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with D'Jonita Cottrell.
: Imperial, CA
MajorSociology and History
Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, Latin American Student Organization, Dean of the College Student Assistant, CLSI.
Fun Fact: I have a sister who graduated from Colgate in 2017. My twin brother (Patrick '20) and younger brother (Aaron '21) also attend Colgate.
John Bermudez

FSEM 184 – John Bermudez '20 (Abroad Spring 2019)

Will be working with Emma Rende '19
: San Francisco, CA
Major: Political Science
Minor: Sociology
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide and Intern at the Office of Admissions.
Fun Fact: I have two first names because neither of my parents could compromise and decide what to name me.
Emma Rende

FSEM 184 – Emma Rende '19

Will be working with John Bermudez '20
Hometown: Babylon, NY
Major: Political science
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide for the Office of Admissions, One Love Facilitator
Fun Fact: I'm a lifeguard in the summer!
Amarachi Iheanyichukwu

FSEM 185 – Amarachi Iheanyichukwu '21

Hometown: New York, NY
MajorPolitical Science / Economics
Campus InvolvementSGA Senator, African Student Union, Yearbook Committee Assistant Editor
Fun Fact: I’m allergic to avocados but I eat them anyway.
Estelle Kelty

FSEM 187 – Estelle Kelty '21 

Hometown: Bronxville, NY
Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Shock Dance Group, Greeter in the Office of Admissions.
Fun Fact:  I love animals! In my lifetime I have owned 15 pets, worked at an animal hospital and love to horseback ride.
Helen Misiewicz

FSEM 188 – Helen Misiewicz '20 (Abroad Fall 2018)

Will be working with Marc Verwiel '21. 
: Millstone Township, NJ
MajorEconomics / Spanish
Campus Involvement:Maroon News, Research Assistant, SideKicks, Greek Life.
Fun Fact: The rapper Riff Raff followed me randomly on Instagram two years ago and that has been my greatest achievement to date.
Mark Verwiel

FSEM 188 – Marc Verwiel '21

Will be working with Helen Misiewicz '20 
: New Hope, PA
MajorPhysics / Economics
Campus Involvement: Class President, Debate, Engineering Club, Finance Club
Fun Fact: There was once a french Vanity Fair article written about me and there are a box of copies in some closet at my house.
Olivia Fenton

FSEM 190 – Olivia Fenton '19 

Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Minor: Women's Studies
Campus Involvement: Peer Health Educators, EngAGE, TINAPAS, Greek Life.
Fun Fact: Shaquille O'Neal tried to guess my age and got it wrong.
Darian Nicholson

FSEM 191 – Darian Nicholson '19 

Will be working with Dzenan Celjo '20 
: Denver, CO
MajorInternational Relations
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide in the Office of Admission, Student Government, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I spent last semester studying abroad in Paris.
Dzenan Celjo

FSEM 191 – Dzenan Celjo '20

Will be working with Darian Nicholson '19
: Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina
MajorHistory / International Relations
Campus Involvement: Benton Scholars, SGA, Colgate Crypto, Greek Life
Fun Fact: I grew six inches in a span of four months when I was in the sixth grade, propelling my basketball career. Gave up on my NBA aspirations in order to take my talents to the Chenango Valley.
Abby Blair

FSEM 194 – Abby Blair '21

Will be working with Alexis Gajwani '19
: San Francisco, CA
Major: Physics
Campus Involvement: Maroon News, Club Volleyball
Fun Fact:  I love to run and I am currently training for a marathon.
Alexis Gajwani

FSEM 194 – Alexis Gajwani '19

Will be working with Abby Blair '21
: Darien, CT 
MajorMathematical Economics
Campus Involvement: Real Estate Club, Investment Group
Fun Fact:  I’m a Gemini.
Grace Cummins

FSEM 198 – Grace Cummins '19

Hometown: Chicago, IL
: Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Involvement: Konosioni, Co-President of Active Minds, Women's Club Ice Hockey 
Fun Fact: I can recite the first 33 digits of pi from memory.
Colleen Augello

FSEM 199 – Colleen Augello ’20

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Psychology
MinorEducational Studies
Campus Involvement: Irish Dance Club, Office of Admissions, CLSI, Benton Scholar Program
Fun Fact: I'm a lifeguard at an awesome summer camp called Lourdes Camp!

Links Working with Transfer Students

Grant Morro

Grant Morro '20

Hometown: Darien, CT
MajorPolitical Science / Music
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Newman Community, Colgate University Orchestra
Fun Fact: I've been studying piano since I was 4 and the double bass since I was 10.
Katelyn Thuss

Katelyn Thuss '19

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
Major: Psychology
Minor: Economics
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Marketing Intern for the Athletics Department, Active Minds Club
Fun Fact: I only have one kidney.

Meredith Nelligan

Meredith Nelligan '19

Hometown: Portland, ME
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Peace and Conflict Studies
Campus Involvement: Transfer Student Programming, Psychology Research, Admissions Volunteer
Fun Fact: I hate tomatoes because the seeds look like tadpole eggs.

Link Staff Training and Logistics

Enrique Nuñez

Enrique Nuñez ’19

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Educational Studies
Minor: Latin American Studies
Campus Involvement: First Generation Initiative, Latinx American Student Organization, Bystander Intervention Intern, This Is Not A Play About Sex, Sophomore Residential Seminar Alumn, Konosioni Senior Honor Society
Fun Fact: I am a self proclaimed kombucha aficionado.
Leiya Salis

Leiya Salis ’19

Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Major: Media, Communications and Culture
Minor: Educational Studies
Campus Involvement: Yes Means Yes, Bystander Intervention, Shaw Wellness, Konosioni, This Is Not A Play About Sex, Collective Breathing
Fun Fact: I can eat the peel on kiwi fruits.