Slices is served up on Zagat listing of best pizza joints in the U.S.

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Slices is the place alumni go when they come back to visit Colgate.

If you are a foodie, then you know Zagat. If you are a Colgate alumnus, you know Slices (a k a New York Pizzeria), a longtime favorite eatery in the village of Hamilton.

The two worlds combined this week when Zagat highighted Slices as one of the “10 pizza joints in the U.S. that are worth some travel time.” The high-profile listing lauded the no-nonsense pizza that is served, as everyone knows, plain only.

The listing already has generated a range of comments on the university’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Chime in there or post a comment here. Whatever you do, just don’t make the comments plain.

Here is the Zagat entry about Slices:

If it’s straightforward, no-nonsense pizza you’re looking for you won’t do better than Slices (official name: New York Pizzeria) in the tiny town of Hamilton, NY, where pies come out of the oven with a pillowy, bubbly upper crust (the lower part is thin) covered with the most satisfying ratio of sweet tomato sauce to salty mozzarella cheese. As insiders know, the slices come plain only, which is a rule that works, since you wouldn’t want to ruin a piece of old-fashioned pizza perfection with any distractions (except maybe Parmesan and some garlic salt). It’s definitely not fancy, and there’s not an imported tomato or truffle in sight, but who needs all that anyway? And ok, we may be a bit biased since it holds such a fond place in our hearts, but anyone who has ever stopped in late-night after carousing at one of the nearby bars will surely agree: its slices simply can’t be beat.

39 Lebanon St., Hamilton; 315-824-2112