Sian-Pierre Regis ’06: In finding a career path, it’s all about how much you hustle

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As students begin internship and career searches, alumni serve as key resources to teaching the tips and tricks of their own professional success. Back on campus to offer his insights, Sian-Pierre Regis ’06 spoke about how to build a personal brand at the most recent installment of the Thought into Action Summit Series.

Regis is founder and editor-in-chief of Swagger New York, an online cultural magazine for millennials that has developed a huge following. He also is a correspondent for CNN Headline News, appearing on the show weekly.

He attributes his current success to his passion and commitment to making an impact in the entertainment industry.

His December 5 presentation about the “Hustle” guided students through identifying their true calling for their life’s work and doing whatever it takes to succeed. He focused on the importance of finding career direction, networking, promoting oneself, and believing in the power of one’s own aspirations.

Emphasizing to students that mistakes are necessary to evolve and develop as a person, Regis noted some of his own missteps and explained how he instead focused on how those mistakes helped him stay on the right path towards his “supreme destiny.”

In the hopes of identifying and following that supreme destiny, he encouraged students to only partake in whatever makes them truly passionate. This concept, which he described as the “f**k, yeah!” principle, guides Regis in his own career endeavors as he strives to continue influencing the entertainment industry.

For Regis, that guiding principle is one essential component for students to find a career that they love. He stressed that to achieve what you desire you must constantly “hustle” and work ceaselessly toward your goal.