Rihab Rubaiyat ’12 honors Kira Stevens

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This Torch Medal is given to Kira Stevens, Professor of History and Russian and Eurasian Studies, by Rihab Rubaiyat ’12.

Torch Medals honor a Colgate faculty or staff member who made a meaningful impact on an alum during their time at Colgate. Alumni in the reunion classes of 2007 and 2012 are invited to give a Torch Medal, delivered virtually, to a present or past member of the faculty or staff. See more Torch Medals, and give yours here.

“One of the most lasting memories I have of Colgate is the Geneva Study Group in 2011, which was led by Prof Stevens. It was fantastic taking a class on nationalism and traveling all over Europe with someone as knowledgeable and passionate about the region, its literature, and history. She has left an indelible mark on my writing, analytical clarity, and knowledge of the world.”

— Rihab Rubaiyat ’12