Molly Emmett ’12 honors Pilar Barrera

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This Torch Medal is given to Pilar Barrera, Senior Lecturer in Spanish, by Molly Emmett ’12.

Torch Medals honor a Colgate faculty or staff member who made a meaningful impact on an alum during their time at Colgate. Alumni in the reunion classes of 2007 and 2012 are invited to give a Torch Medal, delivered virtually, to a present or past member of the faculty or staff. See more Torch Medals here.

“Pilar was my Spanish teacher during my first year at Colgate. Pilar went above and beyond to make sure I felt supported at Colgate throughout my four years there, and she remains a rock for me to this day. If I can be there for my students in a fraction of the way Pilar was and is for me, I will consider my teaching to be a success.”

— Molly Emmett ’12