Konosioni Senior Honor Society set to induct newest members

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Since 1934, the Konosioni Senior Honor Society has recognized students who have exhibited outstanding leadership, dedicated service to the community and the preservation of tradition.

At 3 p.m. on Colgate Day (February 13) in Memorial Chapel, the Konosioni Class of 2016 will be inducted into the society by current Konosioni members.

Konosioni was formed 81 years ago when two secret societies, the Skull and Scroll and the Gorgon’s Head, resolved to end their rivalry and united their organizations. Today, Konosioni stands as a peer-selected group of 26 members, representing 13 from each original society.

Colgate students chose the name Konosioni, which literally means “people of the long house,” to honor the living traditions of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) Confederacy, an important presence in central New York.

On campus, Konosioni demonstrates commitment to Colgate and the Hamilton community with annual events, such as the first-year field day and charity auction, and new initiatives, including the Colgate Hello campaign, Senior Ball and torch medals.

After the 26 students from the Class of 2016 officially join Konosioni, they will continue to make their own significant contributions to the Colgate community.

Congratulations to the newest members of Konosioni:

Ranissa Adityavarman

Joe Aiken

Adam Basciano

Benjamin Campbell

Michelle Cao

Brett Christensen

Ryan Clements

Alain Cruz

Sofia Estay

Alexandra Gadiano

Joshua Goldstein

Melissa Haller

Niall Henderson

Hunter Hillman

Sara Hinton

Isabelle James

Casey Konys

Sierra Larson

Christopher Noda

Madison Paulk

Turner Rapp

Providence Ryan

Jessie Sullivan

Karl Uy

Charity Whyte

Julia Yarrington