Konosioni inducts newest members

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Each year since 1934, the Konosioni Senior Honor Society has honored 26 students for their leadership, commitment to service, and preservation of tradition.

On Friday, February 12, the group inducted members of the Class of 2017 — peer-selected for their contributions to the Colgate University and Madison County communities.

Konosioni was formed 82 years ago after two secret societies — the Skull and Scroll and the Gorgon’s Head — resolved their differences and united under one name. The word Konosioni comes from the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) word translating to “people of the long house.” The title honors the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) Confederacy that brings together members of different tribes and is an important presence in central New York.

At Colgate, Konosioni demonstrates commitment to campus and the surrounding area through events like the first-year field day during orientation, the annual charity auction for Madison County Gives, and the Senior Ball.

Congratulations to the newest members:

Alexa de Alessandrini
Jason Alexander
Eli Brick
Dayna Campbell
Austin Cowan
Rachel Drucker
Federico Elizondo 
Frankie Flores
Larissa Grijalva
Michael Hogg 
Anan Hossain
Steven Huang 
Michael James
Kayla Oliver
Hannah O’ Malley
Jake Mahr 
Jazmyn McKoy
Stephanie Poland
Colin Ren
Keane Sanders 
Tyler Sherper 
Lila Sullivan
Matthew Swain 
Chloe Tawatstjerna
Grace Western
Jon Williams  

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