Introducing the Colgate University Class of 2022

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Colgate’s newly enrolled Class of 2022, one of the university’s largest, shows students joining the community in increasing numbers from the midwest, the Southeast, and New York, compared to class statistics from four years earlier.

In comparison with the Class of 2019, the Class of 2022 has 61 percent more students from the Midwest, 23 percent more from the Southeast, and 22 percent more from New York. The average unweighted GPA for enrolled students is 3.72, the average ACT is 31.77, and SAT is 1,402.

Of the 833 students enrolled, an all-time high of 193 self-identify as domestic students of color, up from 172 last year. International students represent 8 percent of the incoming class. In total, 254 students self-identify as coming from a multicultural background, a new record for Colgate.

“The overall academic quality of students seeking admission to Colgate this year is a strong testament to the growing awareness of all that Colgate has to offer,” said Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Gary Ross. “Our faculty provide opportunities every day for rigorous classroom instruction. Colgate is also renowned for research in the sciences and many other areas. We also hear regularly that the liberal arts model of education is valued more than ever by employers.”

Offers of admission were sent to students from 1,377 high schools in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and 38 countries. The 9,715 applications to Colgate University this year was an all-time record, and an increase of 14 percent over last year.

Ross attributes Colgate’s record application growth to a number of changes in the university’s Office of Admission, including a new and simpler application process, allowing students to self-report standardized testing results (which are later verified when a student chooses to enroll), an additional admission officer, and an increased number of high school visits nationwide.

“We have changed a number of ways we work in the Office of Admission,” said Drew Riley, associate dean of admission. “We have increased the number of high schools we visit, and for those students who may be timid about a New York winter, we now have a 360-degree video experience that shows what it’s like on campus during the colder months, at”