Internet enables international exposure for Colgate professors

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Once upon a time, long-distance travel — or at least an expensive studio uplink — was needed in order for Colgate experts to reach wide audiences. Today, that’s the case only some of the time. This tale of two professors highlights today’s possibilities.

In the past few weeks, Prof. Anthony Aveni, an authority on the astronomical history of the Mayan Indians, has been interviewed in his office by both Fox TV and Japan’s Fuji Television Network. Reporters and camera crews have traveled to Hamilton, and their prerecorded segments will air later in the year.

But time was of the essence for Prof. Ed Fogarty, who studies the European Union’s role in international politics and economics. At the request of Rebecca Hillman ’10, a producer at HuffPo Live, he appeared later the same day — via Google+ hangout — on a smaller, though no less influential, screen.

HuffPost Live is the new Internet-based video streaming network run by The Huffington Post. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, one of the most recognizable journalists in the digital media world, hosted the 20-minute segment, which also featured Daniel Hanson, economic researcher from the American Enterprise Institute, and Mike Smith, member of the International Trade Advisory Council.

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NOTE: Aveni’s Fox segment will air eight times, beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 9 p.m., Eastern time. Check local listings for more detail.