Geology students apply classroom techniques in field

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Colgate students and faculty continue to conduct research this summer in a wide variety of locations, including one group of geology majors who spent five and a half weeks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and several national parks.

The students were enrolled in Geology 320: Techniques in Field Geology taught by professors Karen Harpp, Amy Leventer, William Peck, and Bruce Selleck.

The stand-alone field course allows students to apply concepts and techniques learned in the classroom out in the field, where they work to unravel the geologic histories of the areas they visit.

In addition to the Rocky Mountains, the Colgate team also conducted research at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho, Yellowstone National Park, the Flaming Gorge area of Utah, and the Wyoming Basin Province.

The students who participated were Caitlin Cunningham ‘13, Max Ephraim ‘13, Christopher Guiney ’14, Andy Kavanagh ‘13, Sarah Lemon ‘12, Maggie McMullen ‘13, Tyler Peters ‘14, Josh Solomon ‘14, Spencer Staley ‘13. Ali MacNamee ’12 served as the teaching assistant.

Below are photos taken in the Front Range of Colorado.