CUTV, Maroon-News, and WRCU undertake digital initiatives

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WRCU studio

Alumni like to drop in to the WRCU studio from time to time.

This spring, all three of the major student media organizations are undertaking a digital transformation to push them into the next century—adding a new chapter to their long histories at Colgate.

The Maroon-News, the country’s oldest college weekly newspaper, recently launched a redesigned website and has committed to reducing the number of paper copies on campus in favor of a digital audience.

“Having an online presence is vital in 2015,” said Luke Currim, co-editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. “[The website] allows students and alumni to browse campus news from their phones, tablets, and computers, from wherever they are, no matter how far from campus.” Currim hopes that this move will make reading the Maroon-News a more interactive and engaging experience its readers.

WRCU, the student-run and operated radio station since 1951, will broadcast a whole new sound in 2015 thanks to the installation of a new state-of-the-art automation system.

The NextGen broadcasting software will create a digital database of music, public service announcements, and audio recordings that can be programmed to play automatically on-air, even if a DJ is not in the studio.

“Automation not only provides the consistency that WRCU listeners deserve, but it also opens up creative space in our production department to create a unique sound that listeners can identify with WRCU,” said General Manager Zac Lomas.

“In further developing our brand, we can become a more dynamic and effective media force not only on campus, but throughout the entire Hamilton community,” he added.

CUTV has also kept up with and reacted to the changing tide of digital media since its founding in 1981. The student television station has recently moved from cable access to instant access in a transition to an online provider.

“We want to revamp CUTV’s image on campus and the best way to do that is through changing our tactics,” said Dave Purdy, CUTV co-president.

The new website features original CUTV content as well as free movie streaming tailored to Colgate students.

“We’re moving, well flying, into a more digital age every single day,” said CUTV’s Lizzie Marino.