Colgate’s #2 ranking on economic outcomes continues to pay dividends

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Yesterday Barron’s became the latest media outlet to report the good news about Colgate’s #2 ranking for “value-added” with respect to mid-career earnings. Colgate ranked ahead of MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and many other four-year schools, on the first list assessing a broad array of colleges on economic outcomes for graduates.

The recent report from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program — titled Beyond College Rankings, a Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two- and Four-Year Schools — used a blend of government and private data sources, including LinkedIn and PayScale. It factored in seven quality metrics: curriculum value, percent graduating in a STEM field, alumni skills, graduation rate, retention rate, aid per student, and instructional staff.

Read here for the summary of the report and the list of the “10 universities that will increase your career earnings the most.”

The new ranking has attracted much attention, including coverage in Inside Higher EducationNational JournalCNN Money, cbs.comNational Journal, Fusion, and Huffington Post.