Colgate welcomes 44 new faculty members

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Colgate welcomed a host of new faculty members diverse in background and expertise in August, introducing a fresh group of faces and reintroducing some familiar ones in new roles.

Four former visiting professors -— Sally Bonet, educational studies; Jennifer LeMesurier, writing and rhetoric; Andrew Pattison, environmental studies; and Ashley Taylor, educational studies -— have been hired to tenure-stream positions.

The new faculty members bring a wide range of research interests, from Brenda Sanya, who is co-editing a book on feminism and technology in Kenya, to Isla Globus-Harris, who studies the intersection of economics and environmental policy. The Division of University Studies has welcomed the most new professors, welcoming five new members. Bonet, who served as a visiting assistant professor in educational studies last year before joining on a permanent basis this year, researches educational outcomes of refugee families and youth, specifically on Arab and Muslim students in a post-9/11 context.

The new crop of faculty members reflects Colgate’s commitment to diversity, improving on racial diversity and gender balance compared to last year’s faculty demographics figures. The 44 incoming professors are split evenly between men and women, while more than a quarter said they identified as people of color.

Read a full list of new faculty and their biographies below.