Colgate Adds Trade School to Higher Education Employee Benefit

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One of Colgate University’s most important employee benefits has been expanded to support employee children as they seek trade or vocational education. 

Colgate, like many leading universities, offers financial support for employee children who attend an accredited college or university in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Now, at the University, this benefit has been expanded to include employee children who enroll in trade or vocational schools.

“It was time to expand Colgate’s tuition benefit in this way,” said Colgate President Brian W. Casey. “Our nation and this University itself are in need of skilled tradespeople as well as scholars. I am proud of this University for supporting multiple career pathways of the members of our employee families.”

The program expansion also reflects the University’s commitment, outlined in the Third-Century Plan, to attract and support outstanding employees.

Enrollment is required on at least a half-time basis, and qualifying institutions must either be accredited or licensed by their home state. The grant for the 2023–24 academic year will be approved up to $33,311 for annual tuition, not to exceed the tuition and mandatory fees of the college or trade school attended. 

All children, age 25 and under, of eligible employees who have worked full time at Colgate for at least seven years are eligible for this grant funding — including adoptees and dependent stepchildren. The grant is available for a total of eight semesters or the equivalent if the child attends a school with a different academic schedule. There are also accommodations for certain children with a disability, including possible exceptions to the half-time student requirement and the eight-semester limit requirement. 

Dating back to at least 1991, Colgate’s Higher Education Grant serves about 100 students each year. In the 2022–23 academic year, 111 eligible students took advantage of the benefit. Depending on the year and number of eligible students, the grant funding requires an outlay from Colgate of about $2 to $3 million annually. 

“The Colgate Higher Education Grant has been an excellent benefit to help retain long-time employees with tremendous institutional knowledge,” said Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Investment Officer JS Hope ’97. “This signature benefit has helped educate hundreds of students, and it’s something that our University community is proud to support.”