• A portrait of Katie.
    Katie Maratea ’25 discusses how her involvements as a club leader, a mentor, and a community member allowed her to have new experiences, forge friendships, and uncover new passions at Colgate.
  • A portrait of Josie.
    Josie Rozzelle ’23 discusses how she has found community, passion and meaning at Colgate through the Maroon-News, campus events, and her experiences abroad.
  • A portrait of Jesse Harris.
    Jesse Harris ’24 discusses her involvement in clubs post-covid and the community that she has found at Colgate.
  • A portrait of Sarah.
    Sarah Harris ’23 describes her experiences at Colgate and what she believes makes the community do special.
  • A portrait of Charlotte.
    Charlotte Filipovich ’23 has discovered mentors, passions, and a community at Colgate. Her enthusiasm about paleomarine biology runs as deep as the ocean and her future is as bright as the stars.
  • A portrait of Emily.
    Emily Corson ’24 has found academic and extracurricular activities at Colgate that align with her interests and future goals.