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Rob Salgado

Visiting Assistant Professor
Physics & Astronomy , 218 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-6084

Research Interests:

Theoretical Relativity [relativistic physics, spacetime structure, relativistic pedagogy]
Applied Mathematics, Physics Pedagogy, Computational Physics and Scientific Visualization


Ph.D., Physics, Syracuse University, 2008
M.S., Physics, University of Chicago, 1992
B.S., Mathematics and Physics, SUNY Stony Brook, 1989


Introductory and Intermediate Undergraduate Physics, Computational Physics, Mathematical Methods

Research Interests:

Theoretical Relativity, Applied Mathematics, Physics Pedagogy, Computational Physics and Scientific Visualization

Publications and Presentations:

"Relativity on Rotated Graph Paper"
(Am. J. Phy., 84, 344 (2016) -,
part of the theme issue: "Relativity and Gravitation-Contemporary Research and Teaching of Einstein's Physics"
(a 2011 draft is available at ).

"Toward a quantum dynamics for causal sets",
(doctoral dissertation, Syracuse University, Physics, 2008)

“Visualizing Proper Time in Special Relativity.”
(Physics Teacher (Indian Physical Society), v46 (4), (October-December 2004), 132-143),
available at

“Some Identities for the Quantum Measure and its Generalizations.”
(Mod. Phys. Lett. A, Vol. 17, No. 12 (2002) 711-728 - )
available at

AAPT (American Association for Physics Teachers).
Search for abstracts of my oral and poster presentations at the AAPT national meetings.

Selected Posters and Projects:

[Ongoing large-scale projects with many opportunities for student-projects] is my website which features some of my research in relativity.
"VPython applications for Teaching Physics" (2001-present)
Rob Salgado's GeoGebra pages (2016-present)

(2018) "Relativity on Rotated Graph Paper: Calculating with Causal Diamonds" (AAPT 2018 Winter Meeting - San Diego CA)
(2016) A "Spacetime Trigonometry" approach to Relativity (Gordon Research Conference - Physics Research and Education, Newport RI)

(2015) Spacetime Trigonometry: a Cayley-Klein geometry approach to Special and General Relativity (General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective - Penn State U.)
(2006) "Spacetime Trigonometry" from the AAPT Topical Workshop "Teaching General Relativity to Undergraduates" - Syracuse University

(2016) Visualizing the Electromagnetic Field with Differential Forms (AAPT 2016 Summer Meeting - Sacramento CA)
(2013) Visualizing Differential Forms in Thermodynamics (AAPT 2013 Summer Meeting - Portland OR)
(2007) "Visualizing Tensors" from the AAPT Topical Conference: Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses - Davidson College

(1995, 1997, 2005,2015) "The Light Cone: an illuminating introduction to relativity"
(2001, 2015) Visualizing Proper Time in Special Relativity [with a Light Clock]

Professional Experience

Colgate University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2018-present)
U Wisconsin La Crosse, Lecturer (2013-2018)
Lawrence University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2012-2013)
Bowdoin College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2010-2012)
Mount Holyoke College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2008-2010)
-- Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2008 --
Syracuse University, Part-Time Instructor (Spring 2006-Fall 2007)
Dillard University, Assistant Professor of Physics (2002-2005*Katrina)
SUNY Upstate Medical, Research Scientist [Radiology/Radiation Physics] (2001-2002)
Truman State University, Postdoctoral Teaching/Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics  (1999-2001)